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Our MOTOBOX has a specially designed construction for the safe transport of your motorcycle and the necessary equipment to distant destinations, which with its location offers a variety of travel options.

With its flexibility and individual approach, our service will satisfy the adventurous traveler, a group of enthusiastic bikers and the requirements of companies.

We can be a fully-fledged support on your road to adventure.

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A good reason to use Motobox


Avoid the dangers of the long transit and leave the airport lounge rested, only with hand luggage and prepared to ride your motorcycle.

Cost savings

Save on fuel, tolls, tires, service interval, accommodation during transit.



Eliminate the risk of accidents in heavy motorway traffic in transit countries.


Time savings

Use the air transport to arrive at your chosen destination.


Knowledge of the environment, language skills and background of our partners. All this will make your motorcycling holiday more pleasant.

How it works

We leave every week - F&F

You no longer have to submit to any deadlines! Go to your chosen time with any start or end day. In Malaga, we already hand over and receive motorcycles daily, including weekends and holidays. Buy a ticket and we will only specify when you need to send the bike.

We ride in the rhythm of FRIDAY&FRIDAY. We leave every Friday and guarantee delivery by the following Friday. The return journey follows the same rhythm. Do you want to start on Wednesday? We will ship the bike a little earlier and it will be waiting for you in Malaga.

Motorcycle loading

Acceptance and loading of the motorcycle takes place with our assistance.

Should we pick up the motorcycle at your address? Contact us.

Motorcycle transport in MOTOBOX

We will deliver your motorcycle to a selected destination on a pre-agreed date, where you can pick it up comfortably.

Way back

You can proceed in the same manner on the way back. It is up to you whether you choose one-way or two-way transport of the motorcycle in MOTOBOX.

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